Police confirm 317 schoolgirls kidnapped in night-time raid in Nigeria
Parents said they had no faith in authorities to return their kidnapped girls and would follow them into a forest where police believes they are being held.

Money ball: High-flying AFL players take a major hit
The financial pain of a COVID-19 impacted season has been laid bare, with the average wage of an AFL player tumbling by more than $100,000.

Gymnastics coach Geddert’s suicide raises ‘complex emotions’
USA Gymnastics said it had hoped that criminal charges and a subsequent trial of former gymnastics coach John Geddert would help bring a sense of closure to those who experienced his abuse.

‘Forever War’: Democrats blast Biden over deadly Syria air strikes
Some Democrats criticised the strikes as an unnecessary military provocation while others complained Biden had not sought congressional approval beforehand.

Price ‘too high’ to penalise Saudi Crown Prince over Khashoggi murder
A new “Khashoggi ban” will to US restrict visas to those who to harass, detain or harm dissidents and journalists around the world. But it won’t apply to MSB.

‘Pushed us to the extremes’: England could make formal complaint over pitch
England are considering making a formal complaint about the state of the pitch for the farcical third Test as they come to terms with going 2-1 down in the series against India.

How things went wrong for a Socceroos poster boy, and how he plans to dazzle again
By age 19 and in less than 25 senior appearances for Melbourne City Arzani won a spot in the 2017/18 A-League team of the season and was also the league’s young player of the year.

‘Own goal’: Europe vaccine rollout undermined by leaders’ messages
Vaccination hubs in COVID-19 hard-hit Europe are begging for people to come inside. Why?

Cherokee Nation chief calls on Jeep to stop using name of his tribe
The chief of the Cherokee Nation in the United States has called on American carmaker, Jeep, to retire the Cherokee nameplate from its range of popular SUVs.

Victoria to ban single-use plastics within two years
Single-use plastic items including straws, cutlery and plates will be phased out in Victoria in a bid to reduce the amount of plastic waste going into landfill.

Prince Harry’s interview a winning formula in celebrity-obsessed America
There is no denying the Duke of Sussex’s first interview since leaving the Royal family was 17 minutes of television gold.

‘Unwavering love’: Family stands by 82-year-old accused of killing wife
The family has released a statement supporting Max Beever, who has been charged with killing wife Robyn at their Gold Coast home.

Federal Liberals blast WA Opposition Leader Zak Kirkup’s ‘lemon’ green energy policy
Federal Liberal MPs are fuming at a key pillar of the February 11 promise to reach net-zero emissions by 2030 by shutting down all state coal power stations in the South West town of Collie by 2025.

Winning at all costs: Rudd’s case for courage and conflict
The essential lesson for the ALP if we want to win the election is to radically lift our negative game.

When the chips are down, can Andrews walk away from Crown’s table?
An unparalleled mates network has long insulated Crown from proper scrutiny. But last week the gaming giant’s luck ran out.

‘I’m a great friend, but I’m a horrible enemy’: The maverick fighting the AFL concussion war
For a man who manages just two of the AFL’s more than 700 players, Peter Jess generates a lot of headlines.

Macquarie University slashes 82 jobs to save $25million
The impact of the coronavirus on international student enrolments is forcing the university to undertake another round of significant cost cutting measures.

Man accused of moving $2.6 million to alleged drug syndicate member
The Surfers Paradise man has been charged with money laundering and will appear in court on March 11.

Victoria records zero new coronavirus cases as statewide restrictions eased
Victoria has recorded zero new coronavirus cases as restrictions aimed at curbing spread of the virus across the state were eased in a move public health experts will mark the first of a series of uninterrupted steps back towards regular life.

Aunty’s accidental MD: how David Anderson rose to the top of the ABC
He isn’t exactly the leader from central casting, but this ABC lifer, whose first role was collecting dirty tea towels, could be just the kind of down-to-earth bloke the public broadcaster needs right now.

Human remains found at second South Coast beach
Forensic police have set up a crime scene at Mollymook following unidentified human remains being found. It comes days after campers found Melissa Caddick’s foot on a beach 160km further south.

Good Weekend Talks: David Anderson, Aunty’s unassuming boss
This episode of Good Weekend Talks looks at ABC boss David Anderson, in a conversation between Good Weekend senior writer Jane Cadzow and The Age and Sydney Morning Herald media reporter Zoe Samios.

High hopes: the satellite network building the ‘internet of animals’
Creatures great and small are being tracked from space in a project that will help transform our understanding of how and why they migrate.

Rage through the ages: feminist Carmen Callil looks back in anger
She was part of London’s “Australian mafia” and founded feminist publishing powerhouse Virago in 1973. Now in her 80s, and British damehood notwithstanding, this “Libertarian anarchist’s” zeal appears undimmed.

‘The emotion I felt in almost losing him blindsided me’
A countryside emergency with a puppy brings home the depth of his new owner’s love.

US implicates Saudi Crown Prince in Jamal Khashoggi’s killing
Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince likely approved an operation to kill or capture a US-based journalist inside the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, according to a newly declassified US intelligence report.

Truth is at stake in the great vaccine debate
The falsehood we must urgently eradicate is that the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines aren’t safe or effective despite their approval for use in Australia, Europe and elsewhere.

The heroic librarians who stood against Nazi rules during World War II
After the Nazis marched into Paris in 1940, courageous librarians were ready and willing to carry books to people who were cut off.

Embracing a new diet has rewritten who I thought I was
The change in me has been a revelation. I’m not an anxious, insane insomniac. I just have a tender tummy!

I pulled off my dream wedding for $1000 – yes, it’s possible
Thanks to help from family and friends (and a bit of luck), my big day came at little cost. Ahead, my advice for those planning their nuptials.

Mask easing marks start of path to a normal life, experts say
Gathering limits have eased and mask-wearing rules have loosened under new restrictions that could be the first steps back towards regular life.

Three changes for Morrison to fix a broken system
The time for talking is over with the Prime Minister needing to act to change the culture in Parliament House.

From academia to animal shelter: Keeping poverty from the door during COVID
After eight years of casual work, academic and single mother Jennie Jeppesen was in a tenuous position. Now, in the wake of COVID, her future is bleaker still.

Ready or not, Suaalii steps into the spotlight
He’s the wunderkind you’ve heard about but never seen play. As he prepares to make an anticipated footy appearance on Saturday, just who is Joseph Suaalii?

Universities brace for Chinese student hit after COVID
Australian universities have received reports through their Chinese networks that local recruitment agents have been encouraged not to send students to Australia.

Why Facebook accepted Australia’s request
Silicon Valley billionaire Mark Zuckerberg had to choose whether to take a deal or go to war. He took the deal.

Running with Foxes: Daniel’s dining and dealings with ‘go-to billionaire’
Premier Daniel Andrews has championed ideas pitched by the Fox family and their friends. A hotel quarantine facility near Avalon Airport is the latest proposal.

Iconic Kombi taking travel-starved Australians to the roads
Thomas Fleck’s 1973 Kombi holds a special place in his heart.

‘It breaks my heart’: JobSeekers hit back at $25-a-week dole increase
Caryn Ryan was shocked by the government’s meagre dole increase, which has been described as “shocking cruelty” and experts say won’t help the economy.

Online porn key issue for schools when tackling sexual assault allegations
Sex and education experts say porn is one factor to tackle in more open and honest conversations with teenagers about sexual relationships and consent.

One year on from panic buying, supermarkets are no longer all in it together
As the dust of COVID begins to settle, a tale of two supermarkets has begun to emerge, one which pits underdog Coles against market-leader Woolworths.

‘Golf club decisions’: doctors break ranks over children’s heart surgery
The NSW government’s attempt to break an impasse between the two children’s hospitals has failed, after an expert panel appointed to mend the dispute was unable to reach an agreement.

Israeli-owned ship hit by explosion in Middle East
The MV Helios Ray was hit by an explosion in the Gulf of Oman and a US defence official said the blast left holes in both sides of the vessel’s hull.

Targeted attack? Violent street heist of Lady Gaga’s dogs spurs questions of motive
Los Angeles police are wondering if Lady Gaga’s two French bulldogs were targeted because of their doting owner’s deep pockets.

Women unwelcome in Parliament because men don’t want to share power with them
Factional politics does women no favours.

World ‘walking blindfolded into a minefield’ due to climate inaction
The United Nations has issued a “red alert” to the planet, saying new emissions reductions commitments are nowhere near enough.

Modest men of the sea offer a lesson in nobility
A shipwreck averted. In our search for heroes, we might look beyond millionaires who smash tennis racquets for sport, and consider quieter achievers.

A Constance threat to natural environment
The native bush on either side of roads provides the principal means for fauna to connect with larger areas of suitable habitat.

What a warming Australia can learn from a frozen Texas
Like Texas, Australia is vulnerable to a changing climate, though our grid is battered by heatwave and fire rather than Polar Vortex.

Middle Head’s Napoleonic fortifications to get $10m spruce-up
British military history in Australia doesn’t get much older than at Middle Head near the entrance to Sydney Harbour, with fortifications dating back to 1801 when the Napoleonic Wars loomed.